Public Private Partnership in Higher Education

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Public Private Partnership in Higher Education

Conducted data analysis on public allocation for higher education (HE) and public expenditure in higher education institutions. Compare future cost scenario based on current cost of HE/current number of students in HE (price per student in HE), Analysis of funds flow into the university administration of public and private universities (including subsidy for tuition fees, guaranteed/insured loans for students, stipends, etc.). Analysis of funding of research including various current sources provided by the Government, World Bank, British Council, and other sources and modalities.

Prepared latest data on economics, population, and higher education including: trends/projections of the national gross domestic product and how it is generated per sector/the major foreign income earners, textile, agriculture, supply of labor internationally, other characteristics informing about current, and future need for HE; and current number of students per type of HE, locations and predicted future number of students per district per year.

Project funded by: Asian Development Bank
Implementation agency: University Grants Commission of Bangladesh

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