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Tranche Management Ltd (TML) is a  multidisciplinary consulting firm which provides advisory and management services to local (Both public and private) and international organizations.

The  main areas of interest of TML are conducting multidisciplinary research, study, training, and consultancy assignments directed to a wide range of sustainable development issues particularly education,  infrastructure development, human resources development (HRD), socio-economic  development of the rural poor to name a few.

We specialize in financial management services, public finance management, costing consultancy, community development management, agro business management, construction supervision, energy and natural resource management, public sector management, transport and ICT management, environment management, trade and industry management, sustainable design and planning , water and  infrastructure management, land management, urban and rural development management, reform of organization and management of PPP.

TML puts principle of sustainability at the core of its business which is a leading value proposition for the client. We operate in growing markets within Education, Human recourse Development, Skill Training, Governance and Finance and we have developed an organization enabling you to draw upon our expertise across frontiers all over Bangladesh. For our clients, we provide consultancy of high international standards utilizing multi-dimensional and cross-frontier approach and long-standing professionalism within the national and international arena. TML ensures that all services provided will be of the highest professional quality and integrity. TML provides consultancy support across the entire project cycle; from project conception, planning, feasibility and design to procurement, tendering, implementation and institutional / capacity building.


TML’s organogram is organized to integrate four directories: 1) Education Sector management; 2) Agricultural and Food security Sector; 3) Water Resource and Sanitation Sector; and 4) Urban and Rural Development Sector:

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Private limited company
Registration number: C-95873/11
ETIN number: 140002750798

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